Dinner & Show With the BSO

MedChi, the Center for a Healthy Maryland (CFHM) and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra has partnered to present various social events for our Medical Community. These events are presented in the Spring and Fall.

Fall 2020 – The Doo Wop Project
The Doo Wop Project traces the evolution of Doo Wop, from the classic sound of five guys singing tight harmonies on a street corner to the biggest hits on the radio today. You’ll hear classic hits from the Belmonts to the Temptations, all the way to DooWopified versions of songs from modern musicians.

Spring 2019 – Cirque Goes Hollywood with Troupe Vertigo – The night started at MedChi with a tour of MedChi, followed by dinner and continued over to the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall with a mesmerizing performance with Troupe Vertigo and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Jack Everly.