Disaster & Emergency Preparedness

We live in a time of climate change, natural disasters, and fear of terrorism and pandemics.  As physicians, we have an obligation to provide care for patients not just under “normal” circumstances but also during these potential crises.  The Disaster Preparedness Committee is dedicated to helping physicians prepare themselves, their families, and their medical practices for these eventualities.  Below is a list of Internet links that may assist Maryland physicians in this endeavor.

Web Sites for Disaster Preparedness Education

General Disaster Prep info:

More specific prep with links to training:

Infectious disease disaster info:

Link to Maryland Responds volunteer organization:

Links for family and community prep info:


For more information on Emergency Preparedness, contact:

Erin Krell
Paralegal, MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society
Phone: 410-539-0872 or 800-492-1056, ext. 3325
Fax: 410-649-4131