Maryland Maternal Mortality Review



The Maternal Mortality Review (MMR) Program examines the deaths among Maryland resident women while pregnant or within one year of pregnancy conclusion, in order to identify opportunities to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality. The Program is carried out by collaboration between MedChi, the Vital Statistics Administration, and the Maternal and Child Health Bureau of the Maryland Department of Health. The MMR Workgroup, consisting of clinical and public health experts from across the state, develops recommendations and identifies strategies to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality. During this process, both medical and non-medical factors contributing to the death are considered, and the quality and content of care are examined. For the past several years, the Program has reviewed an average of 38 cases per year. During 2019-2020, the committee completed the review of the 2018 deaths. Please click HERE for the 2020 Annual Report.

For more information or to view previous years’ reports, please visit the Maryland State Department of Health.


For more information contact: Shayna Banfield, M.S., CHES, Director of Programs, at 410-539-0872 or 800-492-1056, ext. 3341 or fax: 410-649-4131.