Friedenwald’s Medicinal Liquor Establishment

The Ladies’ Wine & Liquor Store

The Friedenwald family arrived in Baltimore in the 1860’s and many of them were physicians. At one point, there were five brothers/cousins who were physicians. They were all very involved with MedChi, including Aaron, Edgar, and Harry, whose portraits we own, and again Harry, who was President. 

There were also pharmacists in the family, and they owned a pharmacy on Park Avenue in Bolton Hill. Some members of the family lived on Eutaw Place, just a few blocks away.

There is just so much to unpack with this advertisement,
Baltimore Sun, circa 1904. 

Back to the liquor ad! It is interesting that there’s a liquor store just for the ladies. In some of their other ads, they mention that they have “lady clerks” at their stores to help their “lady patrons.”  And their gin is for all of your female complaints! It is also funny that their out-of-town packages are packed in plain cases. I guess that is the brown paper packages, tied up with string.