Public Health

The Center for a Healthy Maryland’s Public Health Programs is dedicated to improving the health status of the citizens of Maryland through education, advocacy, and linkage to resources. Learn about some of our partnerships, programs, and resources for providers below.


We have created this page due to the increase in Novel Coronavirus/COVID-19 cases across the nation, including the United States. The following guidance is drawn primarily from the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) resources for health care professionals on COVID-19.

Domestic Violence

Founded in 1998, the mission of the Maryland Health Care Coalition Against Domestic Violence is to provide leadership within health care in promoting a proactive and effective response to intimate partner violence through screening, identification, education, intervention and treatment of domestic violence victims.


Maryland Maternal Mortality Review (MMR)

The MMR Program examines the deaths among Maryland resident women while pregnant or within one year of pregnancy conclusion, in order to identify opportunities to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality.



SBIRT includes three components: (1) Screening – short validated questionnaire to determine if patients are at low, medium or high risk for developing substance use disorders, (2) Brief Intervention – specific educational and motivational conversation techniques to identify patients’ readiness for behavior change and to help patients move towards reducing or stopping substance use, and (3) Referral to Treatment – how to help ensure patients will keep appointments with specialty treatment.