Maryland Professional Rehabilitation Program

Our Mission

The mission of the Maryland Professional Rehabilitation Program (MPRP) is to promote the highest standards of patient safety and care by providing compassionate high-quality assistance, monitoring, structure and support to physicians and other healthcare professionals who are dealing with potentially impairing conditions and who have been mandated to MPRP by their licensing board.

Our Purpose

The Maryland Professional Rehabilitation Program (MPRP) for physicians, physician assistants, and allied health providers licensed by the Maryland Board of Physicians has been established at the direction of the Maryland Legislature for professionals who need treatment and rehabilitation for alcoholism, chemical dependency, or other physical, emotional, mental health or behavioral conditions, and who have been referred by the Board for services.

MPRP services are intended to support practitioners in complying with Board directives. We provide assistance identifying and connecting with resources to address conditions which may impair your ability to practice medicine or safely perform medical procedures within the scope of your practice.



Our Services

  • Orientation to the program and an initial assessment which includes contacting individuals you give as references.
  • Clinical case management
  • Monthly (or more frequent if needed) meetings with you.
  • Referral for clinical evaluation and treatment
  • Collaboration (through releases of information) with treatment providers
  • Connection and collaboration with vocational monitors when required.
  • Random toxicology testing
  • Referrals to self-help groups
  • Referrals to professional coaching
  • An individualized Rehabilitation Plan
  • Compliance monitoring and reports to the Board of Physicians

Cost to You

Items that could involve a cost to you include evaluation, treatment, and toxicology screening. These costs will be discussed with you. We have a financial assistance program which may cover some of these costs for those who qualify.


Our Location

Services are provided in the MPRP offices of the Center for a Healthy Maryland in Mid-Town Baltimore, at 1202
Maryland Ave. 2nd floor. There is free, convenient parking available at our offices. Sessions may also be conducted through Zoom when eligible.

Contact Information

General program Information Phone: 410.878.9843

Program Staff

Martin Rusinowitz, M.D.
Medical Director, Professional Rehabilitation Program

Margaret Ann Kroen, LCSW-C
Program Director
410.962.5580, ext. 5411

Michael C. Llufrio
Director of Operations
410.962.5580, ext. 5412

Domenica Stone
Chief Administrative Officer
410.962.5580, ext. 5413

Astrid Richardson-Ashley, LCSW-C
Senior Clinical Manager
410.962.5580, ext. 5417

Amber Thrasher, LCSW-C
Clinical Manager II
410.962.5580, ext. 4405

Holly Wade, MA, LCPC
Clinical Manager II
410.962.5580, ext. 5415

2023 marks the 45th Anniversary of our professional health programs. Visit our Celebrate and Support page for more information about our vision for the future and to support our work with a tax-free donation.