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Helping physicians and the medical community for more than 40 years.


The Physician Rehabilitation Committee was formed at the direction of the MedChi Executive Committee in October 1977. In the first year of the Committee’s existence, they helped thirty-five physicians, primarily with later-stage alcoholism. In the ensuing years a staffed program was formed. In 2004 the Committee’s name was changed to the Physician Health Committee.

The Maryland Physician Health Program grew into a robust clinical management and advocacy program that expanded services to other allied health professionals. Since 2009, under a contract with the Maryland Board of Physicians, the Maryland Professional Rehabilitation Program (MPRP) has provided clinical management services to physicians and allied health professionals licensed, certified, and referred by the Board. With the creation of the Maryland HealthCare Professionals Program there was the inclusion of voluntary referrals of allied health professionals and an expansion to include veterinarians, podiatrists, and chiropractors.


The Maryland Physician Health Program’s guiding philosophy recognizes that healthcare professionals are subject to the same illnesses and disabilities that exist in all areas of human experience and believes that healthcare providers equally merit a humanistic approach toward alleviating impairing illnesses. The Program’s primary focus is to assist physicians and other healthcare professionals with potentially impairing illness in a confidential, private setting. The Program seeks to provide advocacy based on intervention, assessment, treatment, and monitoring that leads to producing a dossier of information that documents recovery. In following this philosophy and meeting this mission, the Program provides a secondary service of helping to protect the public.


The vision of our Programs is to improve the health and well-being of all Marylanders by supporting the health and well-being of healthcare providers who serve our communities.


2023 marks the 45th Anniversary of MPHP.

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The Physician’s Health Program: Breaking the Silence

The Maryland Physician Health Program (MPHP) assists physicians’ other healthcare providers in a confidential, private setting to address issues that may potentially impact their ability to practice medicine.

The Maryland Professional Rehabilitation Program (MPRP) for physicians, physician assistants, and other allied health providers licensed by the Maryland Board of Physicians has been established at the direction of the Maryland Legislature for professionals who need treatment and rehabilitation for alcoholism, chemical dependency, or other physical or psychological conditions, and who have been referred by the Board for services.

The Maryland HealthCare Professionals Program (MHPP) was established to assist all healthcare professionals with health and wellbeing and help them to continue or return to practice.

The types of concerns our

Programs address:

  • Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
  • Chemical dependency
  • Mental or emotional health
  • Physical and cognitive impairment
  • Behavioral issues
  • Legal issues
  • Boundary Violations
  • Stress and burnout


Initial Consultation, Assessment, and Referral
This meeting provides an opportunity for open and honest communication to review the situation and begin the enrollment and evaluation processes. If appropriate, the participant will be referred for an independent evaluation. If the evaluator identifies a need for treatment, the participant will be referred for treatment.

The clinical manager will monitor the participant’s progress with treatment, vocational status, and if appropriate, the participant will undergo random toxicology screening.

Support and Advocacy
Advocacy reports are sent with the permission and request of a participant to organizations such as their licensing board, malpractice carriers, specialty boards, third party insurance companies, hospital, or credentialing committees, and various legal entities.


Contact Information

Mail to: 1202 Maryland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 800-992-7010 or 410-962-5580 EMAIL:

Program Staff

Aurthur Hildreth, M.D.
Medical Director, Professional Health Program
Medical Director, Healthcare Professionals Program

Martin Rusinowitz, M.D.
Medical Director, Professional Rehabilitation Program

Margaret Ann Kroen, LCSW-C
Program Director
410.962.5580, ext. 5411

Michael C. Llufrio
Director of Operations
410.962.5580, ext. 5412

Domenica Stone
Chief Administrative Officer
410.962.5580, ext. 5413

Astrid Richardson-Ashley, LCSW-C
Senior Clinical Manager
410.962.5580, ext. 5417

Amber Thrasher, LCSW-C
Clinical Manager II
410.962.5580, ext. 4405

Holly Wade, MA, LCPC
Clinical Manager II
410.962.5580, ext. 5415

2023 marks the 45th Anniversary of our professional health programs.

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