Maryland Physician Health Program

Maryland Physician Health Program

Helping physicians and the medical community for more than 40 years. Remember You Are Not Alone! We are in this TOGETHER!

MedChi and the Center for a Healthy Maryland want you to know that the Maryland Physicians Health Program (MPHP) is here to help if the stress of dealing with the pandemic becomes too overwhelming. We have communicated to hospitals in Maryland to remind them that we are here to help. We are here to help all physicians, so if you or a colleague need help coping, please call 410.962.5580 or 800.992.7010, option 3. The staff is working remotely so please leave a message and you will receive a call back.


The Maryland Physician Health Program (MPHP) assists physicians and other allied health care professionals in a confidential, private setting to address issues that may potentially impact their ability to practice medicine. The Program assesses and refers participants to clinically appropriate treatment, helps the participant develop a rehabilitation plan, provides case management to facilitate progress with the plan, and provides advocacy on behalf of the client when needed. The program also provides education and outreach to the medical community regarding physician impairment and available services.

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The Maryland Physician Health Program is not affiliated with the Maryland Board of Physicians. The Program meets HIPAA compliance standards. Federal and state laws ensure the confidentiality of practitioners referred to the Program. Program records are non-discoverable and confidential to the extent covered by law. Exceptions to confidentiality include evidence of imminent harm to self or others through good-faith assessment by program staff, medical emergencies, court-ordered disclosures, and the State of Maryland mandated reporting requirements regarding child abuse and neglect.

Defining Impairment

  • In 1973, the AMA Council on Mental Health published a landmark study, The Sick Physician, estimating that 3.2 percent of physicians suffer from alcoholism, 2 percent from drug abuse, and 1.3 percent from other mental disorders.
  • An impaired physician is one whose ability to practice medicine, with reasonable skill and safety, is impaired because of mental illness, substance or physical disability. –The American Medical Association, 1973
  • More recent data estimates that 12 to 16 percent of physicians suffer from alcoholism, drug abuse or emotional or mental disorders, a rate similar to the general population.

Notice of Privacy Practice

Accessing The Program

Physicians and other practitioners licensed by the Maryland Board of Physicians experiencing problems can voluntarily contact the program by calling 410-962-5580 or 800-992-7010. Concerned colleagues or family members may also contact the program at the number above; the confidentiality of the referring individual will be honored upon request. Other referral sources include co-workers, hospital administrators, credentialing committees, therapists, and other treatment providers.

The services of the Maryland Physician Health Program are available to practitioners living/working in Maryland or licensed by the Maryland Board of Physicians, regardless of their affiliation with the Maryland State Medical Society, to include medical students, residents, and fellows.

Types of Concerns

The types of concerns encountered by the MPHP include:

  • Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
  • Chemical dependency
  • Mental or emotional health
  • Physical and cognitive impairment
  • Behavioral issues
  • Legal issues
  • Sexual misconduct/boundary
  • Stress
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The Maryland Professional Rehabilitation Program (MPRP)

The Maryland Professional Rehabilitation Program (MPRP) for physicians, physician assistants, and allied health providers licensed by the Maryland Board of Physicians has been established at the direction of the Maryland Legislature for professionals who are in need of treatment and rehabilitation for alcoholism, chemical dependency, or other physical or psychological conditions, and who have been referred by the Board for services. The Program is designed to facilitate access to treatment and rehabilitation services. It offers information, evaluation, and referral for treatment. Staff is also available to provide or arrange presentations on topics related to substance abuse and mental health.

The Maryland HealthCare Professionals Program (MHPP)

The Maryland HealthCare Professionals Program (MHPP) was established to assist all healthcare professionals with health and wellbeing and help them to continue or return to practice.

The Physician’s Health Program:

Breaking the Silence

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The MPHP is financed through hospital and participant fees and donations. MPHP staff conducts an initial meeting with new participants. There is a $500 administrative fee for opening a case. Participants may be requested to undergo independent evaluations and/or treatment. In such cases, the participant may choose to access personal insurance plans, or pay out of pocket for any recommended evaluations, therapies or treatments, as well as toxicology screening (where allowed by the insurance plan). There is a monthly fee of $100 for case management services which commence upon a participant’s signing an advocacy contract. At that time monitoring begins and advocacy when warranted is available

Staff/Contact Information

Contact Information:

If you wish to make a referral, please call 410-962-5580 or 800-992-7010 or e-mail Michael Llufrio.

To make a tax-deductible contribution to the Maryland Physician Health Program, please complete the donation form. Donations may be made payable to the Center for a Healthy Maryland and mailed to:

The Maryland Physician Health Program
1202 Maryland Avenue, 2nd Fl.
Baltimore, MD 21201-5512
Phone: 410-962-5580 or 800-992-7010

Program Staff

Arthur Hildreth, M.D.
Medical Director, Physician Health Program

Margaret A. Kroen, LCSW-C
Program Director
410.962.5580, ext. 5411

Michael C. Llufrio
Director of Operations
410.962.5580, ext. 5412

Domenica Stone
Program Assistant
410.962.5580, ext. 5413

Astrid Richardson-Ashley, LCSW-C
Senior Clinical Manager
410.962.5580, ext. 5417

LaTasha Roles, LGPC Clinical Manager
410.962.5580, ext. 5416

Amber Thrasher, LCSW-C
Clinical Manager
410.962.5580, ext. 4405

Holly Wade, MA, LCPC
Clinical Manager
410.962.5580, ext. 5415