A “New” Book for Our Collection

Our historian is a massive fan of auctions, having started to attend them while living in England and Wales. She often stated “I could find china and silver there for so much less than in the US, that I attended every auction I could. When I returned to the US, much sooner than anticipated, I needed to furnish a house, so it was off to the auctions I went.”

We get regular updates from the local and regional auction houses, and when two small books came up and mentioned that they were related to early Maryland medicine, We had to check them out. 

The first book is by MedChi Founder Gustavus Richard Brown. But the question is, which Gustavus Richard Brown. We have two founders with the same name, born three years apart, attending medical school in Edinburgh, and from adjoining counties. One’s grandfather was the father of the other. We have a suspicion that this is the Charles County GRB